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Claim between 320000 and 420000 potoshi every 5 minutes

NOTICE: kristan22 is happy to announce that he will be having a "Loyalty Day Bonus" with 15% rise than the current payout. This will be done TWICE every week. The Bonus day will not be specified day as it will be shuffled within a week. So you need to claim EVERYDAY so you can get the bonus on the day set by the owner.

PS: You can see kristan22's faucet list below the site. Enjoy! :)

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What is Potcoin?

PotCoin is an ultra-secure digital cryptocurrency, network and banking solution for the $100 billion global legal marijuana industry.

PotCoin is the first digital currency created to facilitate transactions within the legalized cannabis industry. PotCoin is a community based effort.

PotCoins are digital coins you can send via the internet, which allow cannabis enthusiasts to interact, transact, communicate and grow together.